Wondering How MISH MASH Works? Let Us Explain.

Learn how to play MISH MASH: The indoor game challenge in Aurora, IL! You’ll be thrilled with all the different games and puzzles designed to make you fail, trick your mind, and try again differently!

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The first thing you need to know!

The Panels

You’ll see some panels outside the rooms as you walk in the hallway, and if you see an image on it, you’re good to go and input the code you were given when registering! However, if you see that it’s red, it’s busy, and your team can choose another room or wait until the other group is done; up to you!

Let the Game Begin!

Remember to keep the door closed when ready so the game can begin.

As you play, you’ll notice that we have different types of rooms; some of them can include physical challenges and puzzles. The room will ask you to check using buttons placed within the space. Some of them are easy to find, and others not so much. Work as a team to find them all!

When finding them, each player will need to press 2 buttons at the same time to move forward.

The Screen is Your Bestie in the Game

Pay attention to the screen for clues, assistance with riddles, and extra help!

Keep your eyes on the screen to move forward during the adventure. You never know when the floor will turn into lava! We really mean it when we say our rooms are different from each other. If you have failed, the room will turn red, so you need to keep an eye on the blue for clues or something new to focus on.

Be Ready to Fail!

Unfortunately, Google won’t be able to help you!

You are on your own with your team, and as incredible as you think you may be, you will likely fail. Don’t worry! Let one of your team members leave the room, close the door and restart the game. You can try the room as often as possible or change to another room for a different challenge. Also, there’s an emergency button if you need to exit immediately.

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