About Us

The ultimate indoor adventure in Aurora, IL, where you can have fun while solving puzzles, physical challenges, and making memories.

About MISH MASH Adventures

We Add Excitement to Typical Days

MISH MASH Adventures in Aurora IL is here to get your heart pumping and add a bit of thrill to the monotony. When you enter, you’ll be met with a series of puzzles that can change in difficulty and reset every 6 seconds! With ever-changing solutions, every puzzle gives you the added thrill and satisfaction that only comes from loads of fun – because getting through our adventure will require brainpower and teamwork from everybody.

Why Visit Us

A Thrilling Way to Engage With Your People

Engage With Your Team

You and your team are in for a wild ride! Get ready to work together like a well-oiled machine, communicate, and solve problems like you're a superhero saving the world.

High Quality Equipment and Technology

Get ready to feel like James Bond on a mission because we've got the highest quality equipment created with the same team members and technology that deliver some of the biggest concerts and amusement park thrills around the world.

Multi-Dimensional Challenges

You'll need to use both your mind and body to solve our mind-boggling puzzles. But hey, no pressure, right? Just remember - the harder the challenge, the sweeter the victory.

We Make Failing Fun

At MISH MASH, we like to keep things fresh, fun, and a little bit chaotic. Our challenges are entirely automated, so you can fail with reckless abandon and still have a blast. When the room turns red, and you hear sad noises, don’t worry, it just means it’s time to regroup, rethink and try again. Trust us, the journey is half the fun.

And let me tell you, our rooms are not your average walk in the park. Some require serious physical skills, others are all about logic, and sometimes the floor is lava! We like to keep things interesting by mixing and matching different challenges, so you’ll never know what you’re getting into until you step inside. And if things get too tough, don’t worry – you can always adjust the difficulty level or switch to a different room. So what are you waiting for? Come check us out and get ready for some serious mind-bending, heart-pumping fun!

Join us now for an exciting journey like you've never tried before!

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