Warning: Mish Mash Adventures May Cause Extreme Fun

MISH MASH is an urban adventure where teams work together to complete the challenges that are hidden behind every door. The first of its kind, our purpose is to create an environment where you can escape and play while challenging yourself and your team.
A unique challenge
A new type of adventure
A different way to escape the ordinary
Tired of the same old routine? Need a break from staring at screens all day? Well, buckle up because Mish Mash Adventures is about to turn your world upside down! Say goodbye to boring activities and hello to a world of fun with your family and friends.

MISH MASH Adventures - Where Making Mistakes is Half the Fun

Solve Challenges

The first of its kind, we create an environment where you can escape and play while challenging yourself and your team.

Fail As Much As You Want

As awesome as you and your team can be, you WILL fail! Try the room as often as you want, or switch to another adventure and change the difficulty level.

Explore the Unexpected

You never know when the floor will be lava! Stay alert and focus on the screen for hidden clues to solve mind-bending puzzles.

Bring Your Next Event to MISH MASH

For a Fun Birthday Party

How about your very own complimentary party room where you and your team can gather before, after, and even during gameplay? You’ll have the perfect spot to hype each other up, strategize, and let loose with some post-victory celebrations.

For an Unforgettable Date

Forget the same dinner and a movie idea and step into our immersive and themed challenge rooms. Not only will you have a blast, but you'll also need to work together and motivate each other to make it through each level.

For an Exciting Corporate Outing

Leave behind the old dull team activities, with MISH MASH you’ll get the ultimate group adventure experience. Say goodbye to lame bowling and hello to epic, unforgettable fun. It's time to unleash your inner adventurer with us.

About MISH MASH Adventures

We grew up wishing we could be on all the TV adventure game shows we saw on the TV like Double Dare™, American Gladiators™, and Legends of the Hidden Temple™ – so we created a place where we could play those games as grown-ups. No slime, we promise. If these TV show names mean nothing to you, just trust us, they were really cool!

A Brand New Experience

We’ve provided more than 30,000 players with a wildly exciting experience that doesn't just involve escaping a room.

The Ultimate Urban Adventure

We'll have you working together and challenging yourselves in ways you'd never expected. Google can't help you - this is all on you and your team!


Step INSIDE the game. No need for an avatar here. Pick your level and jump into the challenge.

Get Ready to Play

Our Games are Tricky - Planning Your Visit Is Not!

Book Your Game

Choose your game and pick a MISH MASH of date and time.

Gather Your Team

Assemble your MISH MASH of people to get ready for a challenge.

Show Up!

Come to our building and let the fun begin! (It's literally that simple).



What are you waiting for? Gather your team for the most exciting adventure in Aurora, IL!

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